Alien Invaders! Exotic Invasive Plant Activity Guide K-8 Science+ Curriculum


This guide contains a collection of hands-on activities that are easy for teachers to use in the classroom and in the schoolyard. The curriculum is designed for kindergarten through 12th grade and most activities are tied to the Georgia Performance Standards. The guide is available to all formal and non-formal educators on-line at and through workshops offered in the metro-Atlanta area. Classroom teachers, park naturalists, environmental education specialists, and others can adapt these activities to fit easily into their programs.


The goal of Alien Invaders! is to promote awareness of the impact of exotic invasive plants on our natural areas through dissemination of teaching guides that are easily integrated into the classroom as well as nontraditional education programs. The guide will provide teachers with tools to help students develop a sense of stewardship for our wild places.


Funding for Phase One of Alien Invaders! was generously provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, Georgia Forestry Commission, Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council, and Elachee Nature Science Center.

Phase One (2008):

  • 12 activities for K-12th grade(s).
  • CD copies distributed to teachers by Elachee Nature Science Center and presented to teachers at the annual Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia conference and other environmental education workshops.
  • Offered on-line through the GA EPPC website.
  • Future phases will add additional activities for K-12th grade(s) and distribute the curriculum state-wide.

Curriculum Developed by: Becky Jones, Environmental Education Specialist

Edited by: Cynthia C. Taylor, Elachee Nature Science Center

Protect the Connection, Welcome Mat, Inspired by Wrath, The Great Race for Survival, Weed Out, You Can’t See the Forest for the Trees, Diversity Index, and Means and Modes activities adapted with permission from Invaders of the Forest ©2005, WEEB, WDNR, Park People of Milwaukee County

Artwork for the Plant Life Cycle provided by Karen Legg, Elachee Nature Science Center

Curriculum Reviewed by:
Peter Gordon, Education Director, Elachee Nature Science Center
Connie Gray, President, Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council
Scott Griffin, Georgia Forestry Commission
Robbie McCormac, Community Volunteer, Gainesville, Georgia
Ginny Barber, Myers Elementary School, Hall County, Georgia


Alien Invaders!

Copyright© 2008 by Elachee Nature Science Center

All rights reserved. Nothing in this volume may be reproduced by any means without the written permission of Elachee Nature Science Center, except for those pages designated as copy pages which may be reproduced without permission for educational use in conjunction with the activities contained herein.

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